Face app.. all face editor

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Face app.. all face editor

What is the face app aging?
The app, which has raised privacy concerns due to its terms of service, uses neural networks. That's a type of artificial intelligence that analyzes and edits the photos. And it can do more than just age you. The app can literally put a smile on your face, make you look younger, or swap your gender, too.

FaceApp Can Make You Look Like a Hollywood Star 
Many of us look up to the larger than life characters in Hollywood movies, follow them on Instagram and all aspire to look like them. Often than not most of us rarely if ever consider that we’d look anything like the stars we admire. However, on the contrary, many of us may, in fact, look like some of the leading Hollywood stars and not know it. Thanks to a brand-new Facebook app called ‘FaceApp’ almost anyone can look like a star.
What is FaceApp?
FaceApp uses a combination of image recognition and some AI perhaps to scan your photo and retouch it. The app has probably been inspired by the glamor shots associated with Hollywood, modeling, and showbiz in general, which is evident from the results we got from using the app. However, it isn’t just any run-of-the-mill filter!
The app also adds a bit of glitz and glamor to your photo to spice things up. Most of all the objective is to make your photo look as much as like the ones of stars in its database. However, in doing so, your photo gets a tremendous makeover without having to mess around with complicated software like Photoshop. The other significant advantage of using the FaceApp is that you can instantly make your photos look good. Whether you want to upload it to a dating site, or perhaps even add it to your resume, this app does the best possible job.
How Does FaceApp work?
Using the app is pretty simple. All you need is to either upload a photo of yourself, preferably a high-resolution headshot. Alternatively, you can also log-into the app with your Facebook account, or install the app then choose a picture out of all the ones you already have. Then give the app a minute to do its thing, and you’ll be presented with the star of your show…i.e. yourself!
Interestingly, the resulting polished picture is also of high-resolution which means that you can even use it on your website. We know of many internet marketers and entrepreneurs who will find that these polished headshots are so good that they can upload it to their website without a care in the world. If anything the app will help them and anybody else who wants a professionally looking, glamorous shot save some money.
Why Everyone Should Look Like a Hollywood Star?
Everyone on social media from Instagram to Facebook seems not to like the way they look. Almost 90% of the photos you come across are either edited or have some kind of filter applied across them. Even the latest smartphones have caught on to the trend by offering various skin smoothing, and blemish removing features. However, all of that only ends up making the photo look artificial. In this day and age, anyone can tell when a filter has been applied, and most can even name the filter. Plus, it no longer works for professional images like those for authors and content creators’ profiles.
On the hand, FaceApp isn’t an over the top filter. It does not take a lot of detail out of your photo, add unrealistic smoothness or do any of that other mumbo-jumbo. What it does is add a bit of glamor and tone to the images to make them look just like those of the stars you admire. So, these photos can be used on professional profiles as well as across social media.
Influencers will find the Hollywood filter handy since it takes only seconds for the software to work and the results in 95% of the times are excellent. That will save them a great deal of time otherwise spent on editing photographs.
Try the app its free!
The FaceApp is free to use by anyone and everyone. According to the developers, the app is being continually improved, so the response time and the retouching done to the photos are improving over time. That’s another big reason to start using the app today. Make sure to share it with friends and family members so that everyone can find out which Hollywood star they look like and can compare their results with yours!

FaceApp - AI Face Editor  Download here

 FaceApp is a mobile app for iOS and Android that uses neural network technology to automatically generate wildly realistic transformations of your face. Once downloaded, you can upload any photo with a face in it and apply any one of its "filters" to witness the transformation.


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