Best Kitchen Gadgets for Cooking with the Kids

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Looking for kitchen gadgets for cooking with the kids? If you’re just beginning to cook, or want to save time, these kitchen gadgets and appliances will make it much easier! Here’s a starter list to becoming a kitchen pro.

Always supervise children and teach them safe ways to use gadgets and appliances. From turning them on to washing them carefully, let them be involved based on their age level and interest.  These tips were created to accompany The Super Crew Breakfast Cookbook for Kids, 50 Tasty Breakfast Recipes, + 100 Fun Nutrition Activities, check it out!

Food Processor

Even a mini (3.5 cups) one works well. This will help speed up chopping and slicing vegetables, making sauces, dips, or spreads, and pureeing things like soups. Kids can push the button to blend or chop.


Perfect for smoothies, soups and even milling flours – the process of taking a whole grain and turning it into flour, e.g., turning whole oats into oat flour. Kids can help pour ingredients into the blender, cover the lid tightly and turn on and off.


Rubber and wooden – different sizes and shapes will make cooking easier.

Silicone Brush

For coating pans or foods lightly with oil. Kids will have fun painting the pan with the silicone bristles.

Veggie Peeler

 A big grip peeler will speed up the prepping process and keep fingers safe. They make these with kid-friendly adjustments in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

No-Slip Mat

This is useful for under dishes and cutting boards. The name says it all – no-slip, no surprise accidents!

Measuring Spoons & Cups

Ideally two sets – one for you and one for the kids – in both cups and teaspoon/tablespoon increments. Lightweight sets work best for kids. *Note Tablespoon is abbreviated Tbsp. and a teaspoon is abbreviated as tsp. We love metal sets because they last forever and are dishwasher safe.

Mixing Bowls

Great for separating different components of meals, combining food ingredients, and mixing. There are sets of different sizes, or you can buy them individually in a variety of sizes. Buying stackable helps save space. Look for those with lids too to avoid using plastic wrap.

Inexpensive Dish Towels

Keeping a stack of towels out for quick wipes makes cleaning as you go less stressful. Buying carwash towels at a warehouse grocery store is very economical. Because they’re all white, you can bleach them when necessary.

Vinegar and water spray bottle

Use a mixture of 1/3 to 1/2 cup vinegar to water for easy cleanup that won’t harm your kids!

Nylon knives 

These are great for kids 5 and up to cut softer foods. They have ergonomic handles for small hands.


A good, sharp set of knives of different sizes makes prepping ingredients so much easier – especially for those more delicate foods like tomatoes. Just be sure to teach and supervise! For younger kids

Can Opener

Handy for all of the healthy canned foods like beans, chickpeas, tomato sauce, and tuna.

Silicone Covers

These are great to prevent spills and splatters in the microwave. Plus they can keep food prep bowls covered in fridge or counter.


It’s best to get a few sizes, ideally dishwasher safe.


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